Between Two and Twenty Fathoms

Between Two and Twenty Fathoms

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By Captain Mark Wisch

A private Boaters Guide to Fishing Coastal Waters
2nd Edition Portuguese Bend to Dana Point

 *Find, fish or hoop hundreds of the secret wrecks, rocks and hard bottom spots the locals don’t want you to know. Some of these spots have never been shared before!!!

*Target the larger barracuda, bonito, sand and calico bass, halibut, white seabass, yellowtail and lobsters living in, on or around those spots.

*Select the hooks, sinkers, lures, line and other gear to make you a far more effective angler or hoop-netter.

*Assemble your arsenal of matching rods and reels designed to handle all our coastal species and changing conditions.

*Outfit your private boat with the proper gear designed to make your precious time on the water more fun and productive.